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The Colour-Me-In Family Recipe Book

Nonna’s delicious lasagna, aunty Susan’s infamous cheesecake and mum’s signature cottage pie all hold a special place in your heart. Here’s your invite to capture the top-secret tweaks that make these tried-and-tested family favourites so irresistible. This make-me-your-own Family Recipe Book turns every culinary family treasure into bullet-proof kitchen adventures for young and old.

What makes this Family Recipe Book so cool?

Here’s a wild guess: You have a full bookshelf of recipe books, but keep resorting to the same family favourites over and over again?

Welcome to the Family Recipe Book: Hands down the easiest and most colourful way to create a personalised collection of mouth-watering recipes that will save your sanity at dinnertime and make you smile every time you grab it. See it as your long-overdue excuse to schedule coffee catchups with all the culinary experts in your life for behind-the-scenes access to all their guarded family recipes. Or use it to finally turn your scribbled-down notes into a brag-worthy kitchen centrepiece.

Over 60 pages, the Family Recipe Book gives you the perfect blank space to turn your top 42 recipes into a kitchen keepsake to proudly pass on to your offspring in years to come. Refer to the handy table of contents whenever you need a fast-tracked dinnertime crowd pleaser and complement the recipes with cookbook-style photos as a visual reminder of what’s possible.

The delicious, monochrome illustrations by Blueberry Co Founder, Chloe Watts, allow you to make this Family Recipe Book a true, colourful reflection of whatever tickles your tastebuds (even if you haven’t used a coloured pencil since school!). Every luxurious recipe page is specifically designed to capture all the details you need for a guaranteed thumbs up from the whole family.

Simply grab your favourite pencils, pens or water-based markers and start compiling the quick-and-easy collection of sanity-saving recipes that’s been on your to-do list for years. Ready, set, create!

What to expect?

The Family Recipe Book arrives on your doorstep as the complete package:

  • 60 spiral-bound A4 pages including:
  • 42 pages for recipes
  • 6 pages to capture the story behind your favourite family recipes
  • A double spread for stories of the people you like to cook with
  • Room to capture your custom measurements and conversions
  • Space for all the important culinary snaps
  • Monochrome make-me-your-own illustrations for colouring in
    • Acid-free PEFC certified paper (sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation forests): Artist quality 200gsm inner pages and 350gsm cover
    • Black and white design so you can truly make it your own
    • Expandable design that expands as you add your snaps
    • Easy to fill out so you can grow your recipe collection effortlessly
    • British English spelling
    • Designed, printed and bound in Australia by small businesses
    • Lifetime access to the Blueberry Co Baby Book Club so you can marvel at real life designs from fellow Blueberry Co fans and access Team Blueberry Co for help
    • Inspiration from The Creativity Cave for tips & tricks to get you started (even if you think you’re creatively challenged)
    • Use with your favourite pens, pencils and water-based markers

At Blueberry Co we do memory books differently.

We love unisex.

All Blueberry Co products are a blank (ok, monochrome) canvas. They’re intentionally designed so no two memory books are ever the same. Because humans aren’t, right?

We love modern design.

Our memory books allow your tiny human to claim all the cuteness. Not some cartoon bunny.

We love lifetime support.

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What the cool people (aka our customers) say?

Alyse - June 2019

Incredible, Addictive, Relaxing Fun!

OBSESSED with filling out and colouring my son's baby book! The best books in the market and family owned! So much support and advice on their facebook book club page with so many parents sharing ideas and tips as well as Chloe. The book has so much room for photo's and you can customise it any way you wish! The baby book every parent should have!

Sarah - May 2019

Amazing Baby Book

I am so enjoying filling out and customising this baby book for my little daughter. I love being able to personalise it so much and make it her own! Chloe’s artwork in it is just delightful and it works perfectly for me as I find colouring so relaxing and it just helps that I’m creating this beautiful keepsake for my daughter at the same time. Thanks for creating such an awesome book that is so fun to fill in and add a creative touch to!

Bronwyn - May 2019

Couldn't love this more!

I couldn't love my baby book anymore. Received as a gift when I found out I was pregnant and it has been perfect. Perfect for downtime while pregnant colouring in. Perfect for remembering milestones and now perfect for capturing my little girls photos. I hate how she is growing so fast but I love reaching that next month as I can print and fill out the next section.
Beautiful keepsake and something I'll treasure forever. 😍