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How to write your birth story

How to write your birth story

When it comes to putting life changing events, like giving birth, down on paper sometimes the enormity of the process can feel overwhelming.

'Should I include all the messy details?' 

'Should I tell my child I feared for my life?'

'How do I explain any birth injuries?'

'Should I include anything negative? They're only kids!'

July 14, 2018
DIY Koala Theme Birthday Party 🐨

DIY Koala Theme Birthday Party 🐨

by Polly McCourt of Sage Cosmetic Coaching

My toddler, Alfie, is absolutely obsessed with Koalas. Whenever he sees them pictured in a book, he gushes and kisses the page. So come Alfie’s 3rd Birthday, throwing him a Koala themed party seemed a no brainer. I don’t profess to be in any way a fancy party planner, but I did create a special day that he loved. If you’ve got a koala lover like mine on your hands, I hope these ideas help you out.

June 12, 2018
4 steps to the perfect page

4 steps to the perfect page

Don't know where to start with your Monochrome Baby Book? Don't worry! We've broken down the steps to creating the perfect page.

Did you catch our Facebook Live yesterday? I went through every step LIVE!! You can see how easy it is to fill in your Monochrome Baby Book or any of our other memory books? The trick is to just get started!

March 01, 2018

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