Starting your Keepsake Book

Starting your Keepsake Book

Welcome to the Creativity Cave, where where we give you all the tools you need to get your slippers on, grab a hot chocolate (or glass of wine) and get creative.

There are so many amazing things you can do with your Blueberry Co Memory Books, we wanted to pass on some tips and tricks to help inspire you.

There’s only one rule at Blueberry Co - only use Sharpies/permanent markers for the cover! Always use your test pages at the back to check your pens and markers.

Our books are so easy to customise, we have some ideas to help you get started. Many have come from our community of more than 13,000 members at the Blueberry Co Baby Book Club - join now for endless inspo from our very active community of Blueberries. 

If you have created a page or want to recommend any stationary to use with our books we'd love to hear from you! Email us at

Starting a Layout

Have you received your Blueberry Co Memory Book in the mail in all its white page glory, and now you’re wondering where to start? Here are a few of my tips and tricks to get you going.


    1. Choose your photos based on colour

    So you’ve got about 10,000 photos of your new born baby!! Which ones do you choose? I love to keep the colours consistent, so edit your favourite photos to be black and white, choose photos with a particular colour in them (say pink, white or blue depending on you and your child) or you could even add a sepia tone!

    Adventures with Dad Memory Journal

    [ I like to use blues as the colour to bring my whole Adventures with Dad book together ]


    [ @themama_bare uses sepia filters on her photos to create a consistent look in her Monochrome Baby Book ]


    Monochrome Baby Book - Modern Baby Journal
    [ @huddynspence fills her Monochrome Baby Book with lots of light, bright photos with greens and blues ]


      1. Write your notes out first

      Have you got heaps to say about the first 3 days of your baby’s life, or you packed in a million activities in the biggest 3-day holiday ever? I love to write a few dot points of the most important things to happen. If some pair well with photos, why not add little notes next to your photos too!


        1. Colour theme

        Do you have a string sense of colour? Maybe your child’s nursery is all pastels or monochrome… or maybe you’re like me, and may of your adventures include the blue of the sky or the ocean. Why not colour your book in with contrasting or complimentary colours, or use the same set of washi tape throughout the book to give your book a colour theme!

        Monochrome Baby Book - Modern Baby Journal - Family Tree
        [ I love using lots of pinks and yellows in my daughter's Monochrome Baby Book because those are the colours my daughter loves the most ]


        Monochrome Baby Book - custom design
        [ This page is one of the custom pages at the back of her Monochrome Baby Book I've filled with photos from my Mum's wedding! Her theme was purple so these pages are too! ]


        Twins Baby Book - Monochrome Baby Book - Modern Baby Journal
         [ @bunandfriend is using different pens for her twin's Monochrome Baby Books! Pink for her girl and blue for her boy! She's also adding to the decoration by using different washi tapes ]


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        Monochrome Lovers

        This one if for the lovers of all things monochrome! One of our biggest tips is to keep all your photos black and white. It creates a gorgeous modern memory book with simple lines and the most beautiful playful motifs to frame the photos of your growing child.

        Read more 3 Tips for creating a stylish Monochrome Baby Book in our blog here >>>


        Monochrome Baby Book - Modern Fun Stylish Baby Journal
        Monochrome Baby Book - Modern fun memory book
        [ @itsme_laura uses black and white photos in her Monochrome Baby Book for a classic but fun look ]


        Want to add a bit of playfulness to your monochrome memory book? We love using washi tape, stickers and handwritten calligraphy to really make the book sing! Don’t worry if you’re not a fabulous calligrapher… there are plenty of free fonts you can download to write the words that mean the most to you!


        Want to see more inspiration? Why not check out our blog or follow us on Instagram or Facebook! 

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