Using your 'Adventures with Dad' book

Using your 'Adventures with Dad' book

Let’s face it – dads aren’t always the most sentimental or eager to capture memories. But our prompts and personalised pages make it easy to complete your Blueberry Co Dad book and add it to your keepsake collection.

Last year, we reimagined our Adventures with Dad book with new sections and questions to help include all the important details, thoughts and feelings. 

It's the perfect gift for Father's Day, a birthday or just because we want to say thanks for everything Dad does for us. 

Record what world was like when Dad was young, all the things he loves to do and the special activities he and your little one (or ones) do together. 

There are a few different ways to use your book - here are some ideas to get the most out of it. 


Dad might be reluctant to write in the book but even if you can only get his handwriting on one page, it’s absolutely worth it. If he doesn’t want to fill in the Q&A pages, ask him to write your child’s name in the space on the first page and maybe a short dedication message. 

How many children per book?  

The book was designed ideally so it can be gifted to one child and their dad about the special things they do together. However, it can be easily adapted to feature multiple children.

The ‘About Dad and what he loves to do’ page

There are a few different ways to use this part of the book. It was intended to fill with words and photos showing and describing the things Dad loves to do – you could print and stick mini photos around the outside, and write little captions describing his personality. 

The ‘About me and what I love to do’ is a space to feature your little one and their favourite things, to contrast to Dad and start telling their stories. 

Be sure to include some of the things they love doing together too, and date it so you know what point in time it refers to.


If you’re using this book for multiple children, you could cover the ‘About me’ page with additional content about Dad.

Or you could just divide up the page and use the top half for one child and bottom half for another – or however many sections you need. You could colour each child’s section a different colour, just use one photo if that suits the space, and write a list of their favourite things. 

We always create adaptable designs so you can make the pages work for your unique family! 

Dad’s perspective vs Mum’s perspective 

If Mum is putting in the majority of work on this one, why not use her unique perspective on Dad too? 

You might have something to add about Dad’s favourite things – is his favourite meal really what he says it is, and what traits do you think your little one inherited from him? You could use a second colour and write next to Dad’s answers on the question pages.


Is there a spread that is absolutely perfect for Dad? Maybe it’s the tools theme or the gaming design. Get inspiration from Dad’s stuff – if his toolkit is red, start with that colour for your theme. If his favourite game has a green cover, use that on those pages. 

Use old photos to show Dad’s family heritage 

Rather than adding a family tree spread to this edition, we created ‘Family Photos’ pages, so there’s more flexibility and space if you want to include photos from Dad’s side of the family, whether it’s relatives alive and well today, or grandparents and great grandparents who may no longer be with us.

The ‘Family Photos’ spreads can do both – why not mix together old and new photos? There’s plenty of room for aunties, uncles, pets, anyone you want to include as family.

Hand print pages 

Unsure of how to use your blank pages? Why not make a handprint page showing both Dad and bub’s hands together!
There are plenty of ways you could do this, depending on the age of your little one. You could draw around the outside of the hand with a marker, crayon or pencil; create prints with paint; or use a print set – but remember, Dad’s hand is big so the baby sets that come with special paper may not be large enough. Ensure whatever you use is water-based and non-toxic.

This one was shared with us, ready to be cut out and stuck into a Dad Book that was in the mail! 

Create a ‘Love from Mum’ page

There are so many ways you can use your blank pages towards the back of the book – this is just one idea! 

Why not tell your little one Dad’s story from your perspective? 

It might be remembering when you first got together, recalling some of your favourite days together or explaining how supportive and wonderful Dad was during pregnancy, birth and those early years. 

A few questions you could answer yourself for the book include: 

  • When and how did you fall in love?
  • What are some of the special things you’ve done together? (Think wedding day, holidays, family celebrations, major events you’ve been to)
  • What was it like telling him you were having a baby? 
  • What was he like in those first few weeks, when you had a newborn? 
  • What is it like seeing him spend time with your little ones? 
  • What are the cutest Dad/bub moments you’ve seen? 
  • What things do your little ones do that remind you of Dad?

These are just a few ideas that might help inspire you to personalise your Adventures with Dad book, so it’s extra special for your little one! 

If you haven’t already, join our very active Blueberry Co Baby Book Facebook group, as there are even more ideas about how to use all the books in our range. 

And follow our FacebookInstagram and TikTok pages for videos and tips and tricks to maximise your memory books! 

Sending our love to all the dads out there, saying Happy Father's Day and a big thank you for everything you do for us! 

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