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Using Pencils in your Blueberry Co Books
If you’re feeling nervous about colouring your books, or just want a softer look, pencils are a fabulous way to colour your books. The paper is smooth with a slight grain texture so all pencils will work, but the higher quality pencils will work best (they’re generally softer).
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How should I print my photos?
I’ve used both online photo prints (Picture Postie is my favourite) and I also have two at home photo printers, and I have to admit, having the photo printers at home has made filling in my books so much easier. I can sit down and start printing and filling out my books whenever I get a spare second. I can also plan ahead by sorting photos into folders on my phone or computer, all ready to put into specific pages when I get a moment to sit down, print out my photos, and fill in my books.
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