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Milestone Cards.. The hottest baby photo trend

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Free Milestone Cards

Have you been admiring beautiful crisp images of babies all over Instagram and Pinterest with the coolest Milestone Cards?

Well now you can join the fun! To celebrate the launch of our FREE Printable Milestone Cards we've pulled together the cutest Milestone Cards trends so you can get on board!!



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We'd love to see how you use our Free Printable Milestone Cards! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @blueberrycobaby and tag us #blueberrycobaby so we can see your adventures! 



Flatlays are a super fun way to document your favourite baby outfit. Maybe its one of the outfit they wore home from the hospital or just your favourite combo (before it gets puked on)... It's not just for brand reps and bloggers. It's a great way to document your growing child!

Image @run_wild_riley on Instagram

Image @run_wild_riley on Instagram using our Free Milestone Cards

Image by @piperandthelittle on Instagram

Image @piperandthelittle on Instagram

Baby Props 

That's right! You can use your baby as a photo prop!!  

It's much easier before your child moves (If you've ever tried to get a baby who can roll away to stay still you'll know what I'm talking about). Feet, hands and a nicely swaddled new baby, or even better a sleeping one make very cute photos next to their fav toys and milestone card!

Image by @blossomandpear

Image: @blossomandpear on Instagram

Image by @veroni.le on Instagram

Image: @veroni.le on Instagram

Mum/Dad's hand

That's right! You can get involved too!! Is your kid too quick? Or they're sitting up now or crawling and you want your photo to reflect their new skills? Why not hold the card in the photo and get the right crazy chaotic context in the photo.

Image: @katha_rina on Instagram

Seriously Milestones

Image: @seriously_milestones on Instagram

That's it!! You've got an idea about how to start... sign up below and get snapping!! 

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We'd love to see how you use our Free Printable Milestone Cards! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @blueberrycobaby and tag us #blueberrycobaby so we can see your adventures! 






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