Mother's Day BONUS gift

Mother's Day BONUS gift

You've been asking for some bonus pages to help you customise your Mum and Me Adventures Book... so here they are! 

Mothers Day bonus page

You can down your FREE Bonus printable pages here, but while you're here you may want to see how I add my finished page into my book! 


Step 1: Print your page

It's a great idea to select 'fit to page' to avoid cutting the edge off the images. We use 200gsm paper in our books so if you want to match the paper quality, then that's what you're looking for.


Step 2: Colour your page 

Choose your colours and get colouring! 

Step 3: Trim

Cut off the edge. Most home printers don't print to the edge of the page so you can just trim that off.


Step 4: Add to your Book

Grab 3 paper clips and weave those paper clips into the binding of the book you want to add the page to. Then use the paper clips to attach the page. Flip the page over and use tape to stick the page to the paper clips so it doesn't come loose. 

It's easy!

If you do use this in your books, please don't forget to share it in our Blueberry Co Baby Book Club!

Happy Mother's Day!

xox Chloe


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  • Corinne Green

    Hey Chloe, sorry if this is a silly question but how do I download the free Mother’s Day printables?
    Thank you 😊

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