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The Bump Book is launching in...


The Monochrome Bump Book

Attention Blueberries!!

You’ve been asking for years for this book… and it’s finally here: The Monochrome Bump Book!

What is a ‘Bump Book’ you ask?

Our Monochrome Bump Book is a pregnancy journal with a difference!

The Blueberry Co Monochrome Bump Book is designed to suit every journey to pregnancy. I’ve left the weeks undated (because we all know that every pregnancy is different) so you can document weeks 1-42!

I’ve also included 6 x A4 pages so you can document your journey to conception, whether your pregnancy is a happy surprise** or years in the making. This book is for you!

** Tip! If your pregnancy was a happy surprise, why not fill these pages with your pre-baby stories! Your life is about to change, so celebrate your freedom! 

Let me tell you what’s included…

▪️ My hope and dreams for you
▪️ Preconception (6 x A4 pages)
▪️ Our Announcement
▪️ Weeks 1-42
▪️ Months 1-9
▪️ Ultrasounds
▪️ Nesting & baby brain moments
▪️ The Nursery - Baby Shower
▪️ Pre-baby checklist
▪️ Hospital checklist
▪️ Your postpartum journey (4 x A4 pages)

Are you an IVF mama?

I’ve purposely included weeks 1-6 (not usually included in traditional pregnancy journals) so you can document your journey from egg harvesting to embryo transfer and your positive pregnancy result. I know that this pregnancy is hard won for you so I want you to be able to record everything.

What makes this book so awesome?

There are so many elements to this book! I do my absolute best to make all of our books as flexible as possible so it suits you and your family. Every family is different, and I want to help you celebrate yours.

All of our books are designed to be customised with colour. Our super luxe paper is thick and smooth so you can colour away with markers or pencils (read our Tips & Tricks for customising your book here). This book is printed on quality 200gsm acid free paper, and is also PEFC Certified which means it is sourced from well managed environmentally sustainable plantation forests (because we love the environment ya'll!) with a 350gsm cover, and spiral bound to make it easy to fill out (and so it expands with all your photos).

This book is designed, printed and bound in Australia, so thanks for supporting small businesses right here in oz!  

Could you backdate this book?

Absolutely!!! I plan on backdating this book for my two pregnancies! I’m going to fill it with bump photos, little stories and thoughts I had about my girls before they were born. This book is designed to be used as a journal so you can document anything you like! 

Hey mama! 

I know you're SUPER keen to get your hands on our new Pregnancy Journal... so if you want early access... just add your email here!

You'll get access at 10am (Sydney time) on the 31st July.. a whole 9 hours ahead of the general public! 

xox Chloe