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Monochrome Baby Book 2nd Birthday

If you follow us on Facebook, you would have seen I've recently embraced Facebook LIVE!! It's so much fun and a great way for me to quickly show you how I do my own children's books and answer any questions you might have.


The video I posted last week showed me filling in my daughter's 2nd birthday party page in a crazy 7 minutes (yes I would have loved to be able to spend more time... but she woke up from her nap early!). I want you to see how you can create great customised pages in your Blueberry Co memory books without spending hours and hours on it. I used pens, markers, double sided tape and created a really great party page for her 2nd birthday in record time.


I love to lay out my photos first and see how they look and test the arrangement first before sticking them in. I love using double sided tape (I use the normal version although I have heard there is photo-safe tape too), especially when I only have a small amount of time. I hate waiting for glue to dry before I close my book, so this is the best way for me to get on with it and have fun.


I get my photos printed with Picture Postie Photo Printing App which is available on Android and iTunes so you can print directly from your phone. I use the 4" x 4" photos. I also tried out my new Japanese Zebra Midliner highlighter markers (in pastel) and I love them!! Its a great subtle colour. I bought mine from Kawaii Pen Shop.


2nd Birthday Party Monochrome Baby Book

My daughter loves looking at her Monochrome Baby Book! She'd fill it with drawings and stickers herself if I let her. I'm not allowed to draw without some toddler help.

Monochrome Baby Book

Do you have any questions? Pop a comment below and I'l get back to you asap!


Happy memory making!!



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