Mum Life

As a parent I am often blown away by the speed at which my children reach their developmental milestones. It is astounding (and amazing) how quickly they develop from helpless newborns into opinionated toddlers! 

It all happens so quickly, I try and document all the significant changes. Here are my top 5 things to record;

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Pregnancy, birth and going home... we've got you covered

Are you determined to record all the precious moments of your pregnancy? 

After two pregnancies, there are  few things I know I want to remember. I want to know the symptoms I had and when they started or eased. I want lots of photos to look back on the way my body changed and for my girls I want to make notes of the small bits of their personality that made itself known in utero.

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Just a mum?

A lot of the time I feel like I’m just a Mum. Sometimes it’s comforting, sometimes it’s empowering 💪🏼 (hardest job in the world right??!!) and sometimes it’s downright deflating 😦. . How the hell can I get anything done???!!

Motherhood is honestly the most intensely exhausting job, and I admit, sometimes I lose sight of me in the craziness of everyday life with two little ones 👶🏼👧🏼

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