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Milestone Cards.. The hottest baby photo trend

Have you been admiring beautiful crisp images of babies all over Instagram and Pinterest with the coolest Milestone Cards?

Well now you can join the fun! To celebrate the launch of our FREE Printable Milestone Cards we've pulled together the cutest Milestone Cards trends so you can get on board!!



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Meet a Mama!

Soooo... here at Blueberry Co we've been busting to introduce you to a few of our amazing customers so you can see what they get up to!! We're surround by so many amazing families exploring the world and creating magical memories with their little people!

Taneyha is a wonderful mum of two girls and one of my Instagram sistas! She's been an amazing support to Blueberry Co and takes the most amazing photos! You can check out her Instagram account here.

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The Neutral Nursery pt 1
Neutral tones are super fashionable at the moment, especially in kids wear and nurseries. There's something special about giving your child or baby a classic nursery, especially when you don't know the gender of your new bub.
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Monochrome- the trend that encourages your childs individual style

Monochrome is the coolest trend. Its swept homewares, clothing and all things kid related. Heck, I've based my whole business around monochrome colour schemes.

So why is it so freaken fantastic? I love monochrome things because they form a great basis for you to personalise your style. I particularly love monochrome furnishings and clothing for kids. All it takes is for them to add a bit of colour and they can completely change what their wearing or their room. I'm all about allowing kids lots of flexibility to play with who they are, which is why I have so any monochrome clothes and furnishings.

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