Mum Life

2017 // our biggest year so far
I wanted to write you a personal note to say a massive thank you for coming along on this ride with us. Blueberry Co has grown from a small hobby I started on my dining table 2 years ago to a business that now sustains our entire family AND we’re winning awards. We are all in this memory making game, and we are passionate about helping you make the most of the time with your kids. Why? Because we’re living this life right along side you!!
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Stepping back and allowing Dad to step up

by Brooke Meyer, Owner Bouncing Back from Birth

For 9 long months as I grew my babe I, unconsciously, began my transition into motherhood. And although I had been teetering on the edge of becoming Mum it wasn’t until 6:48am August 6 2014, that I unlike my husband had to cross the threshold and jump - feet first, no looking down, fingers crossed into the deep unknown depths of parenthood.

This is the story of how he eventually jumped in after me, or more accurately how I gently coaxed him to the edge and then with a wicked gleeful cackle pulled him in.

But first, know that my husband fell deeply in love with our son from the moment he was born, that his support for me and us was and has always been unwavering.

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7 things I wish I knew before becoming a mum

I used to be the perfect mum.

I’d hear my girlfriends bribe their kids to behave, and I’d shake my head in judgement. ‘No wonder kids are so entitled these days’; I’d think to myself. 

I’d see toddlers glued to iPads in cafes and I’d tsk-tsk their parents for being lazy. ‘Our kids will never use screens at mealtime’, I’d whisper to my husband.

I’d roll my eyes up in disbelief every time a mum complained about how tired and unappreciated she was. ‘Seriously, how hard could it be?’, I’d snigger.

And then three days into motherhood, I came to the scary realisation that I wasn’t the perfect mum I thought I would be.

If I could turn back time, I’d apologise to all the mums I judged with my smug ‘I’ll be better than you’ attitude. I’d offer to hold their crying colicky baby, entertain their spirited toddler or just fold one of their many loads of washing.

And I would listen. Really listen. Because there are so many things that I now wish I had known before I became a mum.

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Monochrome Baby Book 2nd Birthday

If you follow us on Facebook, you would have seen I've recently embraced Facebook LIVE!! It's so much fun and a great way for me to quickly show you how I do my own children's books and answer any questions you might have.


The video I posted last week showed me filling in my daughter's 2nd birthday party page in a crazy 7 minutes (yes I would have loved to be able to spend more time... but she woke up from her nap early!). I want you to see how you can create great customised pages in your Blueberry Co memory books without spending hours and hours on it. I used pens, markers, double sided tape and created a really great party page for her 2nd birthday in record time.

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