School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co
School Memory Book | Blueberry Co

School Memory Book | Blueberry Co

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The School Book - The school memory book that documents the school years (and sparks grown-up creativity along the way)

Think collecting your kids’ school work, drawings and class awards meant building an extension out the back so you can stockpile? This school memory book is here to debunk those myths. Across 7 years of school, The School Book helps you focus on what’s really important and collates a personal keepsake journal as unique as your little scholar’s pathway through school.

What makes this school memory book so cool?

Once your kid starts school it quickly feels like ‘goodbye little one, hello know-it-all’. Blink and you’ll miss the rapid transformation happening right in front of your eyes. We’re talking ever-changing besties, exotic lunchbox favourites and the many proud parenting moments that make you tear up.

Over 112 pages, the Monochrome School Book encourages you to focus on what really matters over 7 school years with your growing human instead of all the bits and bobs that will never surface again.

The fun school-themed illustrations by Blueberry Co Founder, Chloe Watts, complement the mindful prompts and bring out your inner creative (even if you haven’t touched a marker since art class in high school!).

The best approach? 2 Blueberry Co School Books: 1 for the primary years, 1 for the high school years. This school memory book is intentionally designed so it serves you well no matter what stage of schooling you’re up to or where you go to school. Aussie and Kiwi parents, we see you!

Grab your pens, pencils or water-based markers, spark your creativity and colour away to turn this school memory book into a priceless (and personality-filled) memento your little one will love looking back on once they’ve realised that the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

What to expect?

  • The Monochrome School Book arrives on your doorstep as the complete package:

    • 112 spiral-bound A4 pages including:
      • Plenty of room for 7 school years
      • First and last day of each year
      • 25 yearly questions to your scholar
    • Yearly notes from the teacher
    • All the besties
    • Classwork
    • Artworks
    • School events
    • Sporting competitions
    • School anecdotes
    • School holiday memories
    • And lots more...
    • Bonus section: Yearly customise-me pages for extra special memories
    • Monochrome make-me-your-own illustrations for colouring in
      • Acid-free PEFC certified paper (sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation forests): Artist quality 200gsm inner pages and 350gsm cover
      • Black and white design so you can truly make it your own
      • Expandable design that expands as you add life’s treasures
      • Easy to fill out so you can get on with making memories
      • British English spelling
      • Gender neutral for LGBTQ parents or single parenting champions
      • Designed, printed and bound in Australia by small businesses
      • Lifetime access to the Blueberry Co Baby Book Club so you can marvel at real life designs from fellow Blueberry Co fans and access Team Blueberry Co for help
      • Inspiration from The Creativity Cave for tips & tricks to get you started (even if you think you’re creatively challenged)
    • Use with your favourite pens, pencils and water-based markers

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At Blueberry Co we do memory books differently.

We love unisex.

All Blueberry Co products are a blank (ok, monochrome) canvas. They’re intentionally designed so no two memory books are ever the same. Because humans aren’t, right?

We love modern design.

Our memory books allow your tiny human to claim all the cuteness. Not some cartoon bunny.

We love lifetime support.

When you buy a Blueberry Co product, the journey only just begins. Join our free Facebook community so you can mingle with fellow memory makers and ask your questions as your memories (and tiny humans) grow.

What the cool people (aka our customers) say?

Incredible, Addictive, Relaxing Fun!

OBSESSED with filling out and colouring my son's baby book! The best books in the market and family owned! So much support and advice on their facebook book club page.. The book has so much room for photo's and you can customise it any way you wish! The baby book every parent should have!


Amazing Baby Book

I am so enjoying filling out and customising this baby book for my little daughter. I love being able to personalise it so much and make it her own! I find colouring so relaxing and it just helps that I’m creating this beautiful keepsake for my daughter at the same time. Thanks for creating such an awesome book that is so fun to fill in and add a creative touch to!


Couldn't love this more!

I couldn't love my baby book anymore. Received as a gift when I found out I was pregnant and it has been perfect. Perfect for downtime while pregnant colouring in. Perfect for remembering milestones and now perfect for capturing my little girls photos.
Beautiful keepsake and something I'll treasure forever. 😍

Creativity Cave

Learn all the tricks to get the best from your books and create the keepsake book you've dreamed of

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